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Oct 25, 2016

Céline Schillinger is a self-described corporate activist, who was called a troublemaker by her bosses. But thanks to her passion to grow and improve on rigid corporate systems, she was awarded Woman of the Year — La Tribune Women’s Awards in 2013. Céline is now the Head of Quality Innovation & Engagement at Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of the multinational pharmaceutical company Sanofi.

  • 03:20 - What does Céline do?
  • 05:35 - Céline’s bosses described her as a troublemaker, yet she later went on to become business woman of the year. How did she do it?
  • 09:10 - When Céline felt like she had hit a plateau in her career.
  • 11:30 - You can take 2 paths: You and your co-workers can protest from within the company or you can band together and become constructive.
  • 13:15 - How Céline and her co-workers chose to make their company a better place to work.
  • 16:15 - Céline took 63 proposals into the executive room.
  • 17:55 - Why at the end of that meeting, Céline came out a bit frustrated.
  • 21:05 - When you’re trying to make a change in an organization by yourself, there can be a lot of backlash. When you present new solutions in a group setting, organizations by nature have to compromise.
  • 24:35 - People are tired of corporate speak. Customers aren’t stupid.
  • 25:55 - Céline says to never stop building trust internally.
  • 27:50 - Right now Céline is heading up the quality control department, working on new and innovative ways to change the way quality is monitored in vaccines.
  • 31:50 - Too often, Céline sees people unhappy at work. When you’re unhappy at work, you’re probably unhappy at home as well.
  • 33:30 - How does Céline contribute to creating an innovative company culture?
  • 36:35 - Céline talks on how she kept her team accountable and hitting the right metrics.
  • 40:35 - Where is Céline emotionally today? Does she still feel frustrated?
  • 46:05 - What has Céline changed her mind about recently?
  • 48:50 - What does Céline do to remain creative?
  • 50:15 - What does Céline attribute her success to in life?


Oct 18, 2016

Alexander Osterwalder is an entrepreneur, author, business model innovator, and co-founder of Strategyzer, a SaaS company that helps organizations develop better growth engines, powerful business models, and so much more. On this week’s episode, Alex discusses the innovative way he wrote the Business Model Generation book and explains why the Business Model Canvas is an excellent tool for businesses looking to challenge their current business model.

  • 02:55 - Why did Alex write the book, Business Model Generation.
  • 04:00 - How Alex crowd sourced the book.
  • 09:00 - What is the Business Model Canvas all about?
  • 11:15 - There is no such thing as the one and only business tool. You need to combine tools based on your needs.
  • 17:15 - What kinds of conversations is Alex hearing from the C-suite executives about business models?
  • 19:40 - How do you price a cure that’s going to heal people with one injection?
  • 21:35 - You can still be innovative on inferior technology.
  • 24:00 - We’re still stuck in the last century when it comes to developing innovation.
  • 29:00 - There are some great lessons you can learn from Expresso.
  • 34:15 - Large corporations are trying hard to be innovative, but only a few of them are able to succeed.
  • 36:55 - What is Alex’s business model?
  • 41:55 - What has Alex changed his mind about recently?
  • 43:40 - What does Alex do to remain creative?
  • 44:35 - What does Alex attribute his success to in life?
Oct 11, 2016

Trish Malarkey is the Head of Research and Development at Syngenta, a company that has become a leader in the agricultural industry by bringing retailers and farmers improved management solutions. Trish has extensive technical knowledge in biology, chemistry, and biotechnology. Combining her expertise with her leadership position at Syngenta, Trish offers highly valuable insights that are both unique and eye-opening. Discover how to manage and create an innovative environment for a talented team of scientists on this week's episode.

  • 02:15 - What does Trish do?
  • 05:55 - Why are so many people working in Switzerland in the science field?
  • 06:55 - Why did Trish accept the position, Head of Research and Development, at Syngenta?
  • 08:30 - How does Trish create an innovative environment with her employees?
  • 11:40 - Trish discusses how to create a company culture filled with purpose.
  • 13:30 - From a leadership perspective, what does Trish do to inspire innovation?
  • 18:30 - What is Syngenta doing that makes them better than their competitors?
  • 21:00 - How does Trish know the research she is doing today will be beneficial in 2025?
  • 24:30 - What does Trish see right now in terms of innovation in the agricultural industry?
  • 27:50 - Why should people join the agricultural industry as a career?
  • 30:00 - What does the word 'mastery' mean to Trish as a professional?
  • 31:45 - What does mastery mean to a leader, especially in the science field?
  • 32:50 - What has Trish changed her mind about recently?
  • 34:15 - What does Trish do to remain creative?
  • 35:10 - What does Trish attribute her success to?


Oct 4, 2016

Pamay M. Bassey is an entrepreneur, author of the book My 52 Weeks of Worship, and earned her B.S. degree in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University. Currently, Pamay is the Global Head of Learning Platform and Professional Development at BlackRock. Pamay discusses how she went from employee to entrepreneur to intrepreneur on this week's episode.

  • 04:00 - Find out more about Pamay.
  • 04:35 - Why did Pamay go from employee to entrepreneur to intrepreneur?
  • 06:45 - What does Pamay mean by 'creative innovative learning environments'?
  • 09:55 - Pamay talks about the differences between e-learning and machine-learning.
  • 14:35 - What is 52 Weeks of Worship about?
  • 17:35 - Was there a particular place that stood out to Pamay and really moved her?
  • 20:50 - If you say you are something, it should really mean something to you.
  • 24:15 - What does it mean to Pamay to be an intrepreneur?
  • 29:55 - It is part of Pamay's job to provide engaging opportunities for an employee where they feel like they're being challenged or learning new things on a regular basis.
  • 30:30 - When people feel like they're growing, they're less likely to look elsewhere and leave the company.
  • 35:00 - What has Pamay changed her mind about recently?
  • 36:45 - What does Pamay do to remain creative?
  • 38:15 - What does Pamay contribute her success to in life?