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Join us, as we interview remarkable and thought-provoking guests about innovation, leadership and change in the world of business. We do this by exposing you to multiple perspectives from the arenas of business, academia, science and sports. We bring you key insights and proven tools you can use straight away to enrich your ecosystem so you are better able to respond to change. Full show notes available at
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The Innovation Ecosystem: changing perspectives, one podcast at a time


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Jul 19, 2016

Wrapping up Season One of the Innovation Ecosystem Podcast and reviewing the insights our many remarkable and thought provoking guests have given on leadership, innovation, and change in the world of business.

Jul 12, 2016

Robert Swan is a polar explorer, environmentalist, and the first man ever to walk unsupported to both the North and South Poles. He compares his icy experiences to boardroom maneuvers and his inspirational addresses have received the acclaim of discerning audiences worldwide. It is Robert's lifetime goal to work for the preservation of the Antarctic, as it is the last great wilderness on earth. Discover more about Robert and his mission on today's podcast.

  • 03:05 - How did Rob become an explorer?
  • 03:55 - What did Rob learn on his first expedition?
  • 04:35 - 30 years ago Rob had to raise 5 million dollars to go on his first expedition.
  • 05:35 - Rob gained credibility through persistence.
  • 05:45 - If people say no, listen to why they're saying no.
  • 07:15 - After spending a year in close quarters with his team, what did Rob learn about leadership and about people?
  • 10:15 - What is 2041? What is Rob trying to do currently?
  • 10:50 - It's crucial to have a clear mission and stand for something.
  • 12:00 - Rob has been on a 50 year mission to protect the Antarctic.
  • 12:35 - What kind of barriers do executives put up when Rob speaks at companies?
  • 13:55 - Inspiration trails away. It's important for companies to revisit inspiration.
  • 14:40 - Rob believes sustainable inspiration is what corporations lack.
  • 15:00 - There's a lack of trust in big corporations.
  • 15:35 - How does Rob sustain his inspiration? He is currently on a 50 year mission.
  • 21:20 - If you're in doubt about climate change, then all you have to do is visit Antarctica.
  • 22:00 - All of us have a leadership story. Who are you? What have you accomplished?
  • 22:45 - Get your story right. Without a story, you will not inspire other people.
  • 24:45 - What do people takeaway from their expedition to Antarctica?
  • 27:50 - What are Rob's plans for the future?
  • 33:20 - The world is overrun by bad news, let's make an effort to be in the good news business.
  • 33:45 - What are some of Rob's morning rituals?
  • 36:25 - What has Rob changed his mind about recently?
  • 38:45 - What advice would Rob have for his 25-year-old self?

Jul 5, 2016

Cris Beswick is a former product and industrial designer and has spent the last decade as a successful entrepreneur. He is now a globally recognized thought leader on strategic innovation and creating innovative organizations. Cris is also the author of Building a Culture of Innovation and discusses strategic ways leaders and entrepreneurs can apply an innovative framework into their company.

  • 02:30 - How did Cris get started in this industry?
  • 05:05 - Innovation is everywhere, but very few businesses know how to properly execute it.
  • 08:20 - Innovation needs company culture behind it for it to succeed.
  • 09:00 - Cris helps big organizations retain their culture as they begin to grow.
  • 10:10 - What are successful entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs doing really well?
  • 12:25 - How are you engaging your senior team currently?
  • 14:15 - What are leaders doing right now that's been really effective for culture innovation?
  • 15:35 - Good leaders constantly remind their team about the importance of innovation.
  • 18:25 - How do leaders drive their team to new areas without disrupting performance?
  • 21:50 - Cris talks about his latest book on innovation and why it's different from all the others.
  • 26:55 - Cris's book goes into the real nuts and bolts of how to execute a culture of innovation within a large organization.
  • 30:00 - Good innovation has measurements and goals in place to track success.
  • 33:10 - A large number of senior teams admit they don't know their customers well enough.
  • 38:00 - After managing millennials, the next leadership challenge is how to manage and lead team collaborations.
  • 38:45 - Will we see a future where companies are collaborating with their customers as they design new products?
  • 39:40 - What are Cris's morning rituals?
  • 41:10 - What has Cris changed his mind about recently?
  • 42:15 - What advice would Cris have for his 25-year-old-self?